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Miss Peach

Life’s not a bitch, Life’s a Peach!  

We all know the saying, but in my eyes, Life is just peachy.  There is too much negativity  these days, so I choose to highlight the good things in this beautiful world. Friends, Food and Art.  These are the things that bring joy to my life, and now I want to share my ideas that healthy food doesn’t have to be boring; and art can be as beautiful and diverse as the people who create it.  

But who is behind Life’s a Peach?  My name is Vanessa; I’m half Italian, half Scottish, half Dutch… don’t ask... OK OK... I’ll tell you!  I moved to the Netherlands after graduation and have lived here for almost ten years, but I was born in Italy and raised in Scotland where I grew up working in my parents take away restaurant… food is in my blood!

Growing up in the hospitality industry and with Mama’s home cooking, I developed a passion for good food, and a sharp eye for business.  

Since I’ve been in Utrecht, I’ve worked in various restaurants, most recently as manager of all the Da Portare Via stores in the City.  I loved my time at Via, and saw the absolute joy that could be created by such a simple, but delicious product.  It makes sense that I want to share my favourite Italian lunch – Focaccia! This classic is from Liguria, the region my family and I are from.  You may be familiar with the name, but I hope you can see my personal twist when you try them. I studied interior and environmental design, where I was mainly interested in the making and designing of furniture. Art and design make my life peachy, that is why I wanted to combine my two passions in my shop.

It’s not just food that I am crazy about – art and design play a big role in my life.  I studied interior and environmental design at university, but focused after my study mainly on designing and creating furniture.  Food, and Furniture Design! These make my life peachy, so of course it makes sense to combine these passions in my store.


There aren't enough good Italian lunch spots in Utrecht, never mind a real focacceria. Obviously, I miss enjoying the real taste of Italy, and that's why I decided to bring Italy to Utrecht. My main food product is of course focaccia, but that is only the beginning.  Almost all of the food you will find in my store is made from scratch, and oven baked - from cakes and pastries, to roasted vegetables! My menu is small but perfectly formed, and topped with more delicious specials every day.

Everything I make is made with love and respect for our world.  This is why all of my food is plant based, and I source as many ingredients as possible from local markets and small independent food stores. Another great advantage from shopping from the local markets and independent shops is that I can buy almost all my products without any plastic packaging.  I also use biodegradable packaging and straws from sustainable orientated businesses such as Natureko and BioPack.  I try to be as sustainable as I can by having a zero-waste approach – if you see that I have sold out of certain foods, see this as a good sign!

Art & Design

I'm not your average girl, so this is not your average focacceria. The concept of my shop is that you can admire and buy current work from local designers and artists too!

Why have I chosen this?  From a young age I have been inspired by art in all forms, and having graduated as an interior designer, I understand how difficult it can be for creative individuals to have their work seen and how expensive it can be to promote it.  This is why I want to create a space for local creative people to exhibit their work, and a platform that makes their work accessible to a broader audience.

Their work will be exhibited not only in my shop but online too via my website and social media.  However, you can only buy the products in store at Life’s a Peach.  Call me old fashioned, but I believe seeing something in real life gives that extra bit of magic compared to buying something online.

If you would like more information about the current or previous creations on display at Life’s a Peach, you can find their details on my website in the Design page.

If you are interested in exhibiting your products and would like more information, please contact me via the contact form and I will send you all the necessary details.

WOW did you just read all of that...? Impressive! Now hurry up and come see/taste/experience it all for yourself!